Psychotic Feminist Tweets Support for Abortion After Giving Birth

[Erin contacted me to take down the picture of her newborn, and we have.]

Not sure if I can think of a greater obscenity than a woman proudly advocating for abortion while sitting next to her newly born child…

I didn’t know the full context, so I tweeted this in response:


Of course she blocked me… and then I noticed this next message:

So this “feminist” is literally sitting next to her newborn child, and happily advocating for the death of other children. Of course she’s unwilling to answer hard questions:




I simply cannot fathom that someone can say a baby has no humanity or value other than that which originates from the mind of the mother. I will never know how difficult it is to give birth to a child, but I cannot believe that anyone can honestly believe that a dead child is a better “choice” than adoption.

Which is why a “feminist” like Erin cannot bring herself to answer honestly to these objections, while she advocates child sacrifice after giving birth….