NY State Assemblyman’s Incoherent Facebook Rant: “every black person is now in danger… Disarm america”

Jeffrion Aubrey is a New York state Assemblyman who decided to confound the world with his vapid and grammatically dubious comments on his Facebook account last night. Here’s a screenshot:


Here’s my attempt at transcribing the ridiculousness:

To tragic for words prayers for the family and trayvon .what to do boycott Florida until the stand your ground law is taken offThe books. Massive migration to Florida to overturn the political structure. question will Zimmerman be allowed to continue to carry concealed weapon .every black person is now in danger because he has already professed his fear for his safety. Thus justifying his killing any black person .the law is insane. You shall reap what you sow. Disarm america

Far be it from me to note every grammatical mistake with the customary [sic] – it would be even more intelligible then. Let me just assure my readers that I did take notice of every ridiculous crackhead mistake in what I can only imagine was written by the dim light of a candle while the author was snorting bathsalts.

I do however, approve of the crackhead assemblyman’s plan – everyone in New York should move down to Florida, but boycott everything in Florida. Now, some, indeed most, may starve and die before you actually get to “overturn the political structure.” But it’ll be worth it. Do it for trayvon. Lower caps. Look, I’m as smart as a NY assemblyman!!!

h/t Azi Paybarah