Obamacare Already Dragging Down Full-Time Employment for Younger Americans

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Obama’s second term woes seem to keep worsening. While trying to derail the focus on “phony” scandals and pivot away from his failure to demagogue the Newtown and Trayvon tragedies into leftist policies, he’s attempting to laud an otherwise moribund economy. Even as he pats himself on the back, there are more and more signs that his policies have failed Americans.

A recent Gallup poll shows a steep fall in full-time employment among younger Americans this year after a slight uptick in 2012. A drop of 3.4 percentage points from 47% comes to a 7.2% percent in one year.


What could account for such a fall? There’s many reasons cited in the article, but they seem to ignore a pretty simple explanation – an unintended side effect of Obamacare. Younger Americans trying to enter the employment market with less work experience often take lower-wage, entry-level jobs that are less likely to come with benefits. Employers offering these jobs are much less likely to hire full-time workers when the regulatory burden is increased, so they offer part-time jobs instead.

Even liberal news outlets can’t ignore this obvious free market effect of Obamacare.

From Huffington Post:

White Castle is considering hiring only part-time workers in the future because of fears Obamacare will impose detrimental costs on its business, Vice President Jamie Richardson said in an interview with HuffPost Thursday.

The restaurant chain has no intention of firing members of its current full-time staff or reducing benefits as a result of President Barack Obama’s new health care law…

The chain estimates their healthcare costs will increase by 35% once Obamacare is implemented.

From NPR:

A recent survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that half of the small businesses responding said they will reduce hours or add more part-timers in response to the law.

This adds more evidence to the conservative claim that increasing regulation on businesses simply passes a greater burden onto the consumer and the worker.