Think Progress Retraction Clock: How Long Will It Take @JuddLegum to Admit They’re Wrong About McDonald’s Wages?

As of 4pm this afternoon, it’s been 21 hours since Huffington Post Denver retracted it’s erroneous story claiming that McDonald’s could double the wages of all it’s employees if they would only raise food prices by 17%.


And yet, the liberal degenerates at Think Progress haven’t retracted their story that’s based on Huffpo’s fake study:

I’ve mocked their Editor-in-Chief, Judd Legum, many times over this, and he can’t bring himself to correct the story;

The article’s writer, who was too dumb to check her sources, deals with her incompetence by blocking me! LOL!


Liberal idiots are still tweeting it out:



So let’s see just how ridiculously and shamelessly pathetic these libs are! What do you think, are they willing to go 24 hours without a correction? two days? A week? Puts your bets in, gringos!!!

Help me shame them, and tweet this out!


24 hours in and no retraction! Also I noticed that ThinkProgress can’t even correct the very first error in the Huffpo article, which is that the author of the invisible study is not a “research assistant” at all, as was first reported, but just a student at the university. Here’s what they still have up:


Just amazing. Where the hell is politifacts on this one?

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