OFA Organizer Takes Liberal Advice To Vomit On Herself To Dissuade Male Aggression

If you don’t remember the big brouhaha, or rather bro-ha-ha, from a few months ago, conservatives mocked and ridiculed liberals for advising women to vomit or urinate on themselves when they felt they were being threatened by rape, rather than carry an evil no-good gun.

It seems like one OFA fellow and organizer took the advice!!

Did it work? Not sure.. her next tweets didn’t say anything more. We hope she was successful in warding off her heinous patriarchal male aggressor (who was probably white too). Later, it seems she was felt threatened by rape from the entire internet community, because she tweeted this:


I’d like to apologize on behalf of all internet males who made Megan so uncomfortable she felt she had to threaten to vomit on herself to send us away.