Only 30% Of Obamacare Website Visitors Can Complete An Application

Only 30% Of Obamacare Website Visitors Can Complete An Application

It’s been nearly a month since Obama shoved his healthcare website onto the internet highway, where it stumbled, scared and witless like a deer on a regular highway. The administration is promising that the website will work by the end of November, but they slip a key metric about just how bad it works now.

In a press call today, Obama’s “tech surge” general Jeff Zients said the following:

We’re confident by the end of November, HealthCare.gov will be smooth for a vast majority of users.

This got all the press – finally a deadline that the administration set for its website to work. But less noticed is this later line from Jeffy:

Actually completing an application for insurance, though, has been a “volatile” process, he said. “As few as three out of 10” have been able to complete that process.

The left-wing hacks at ThinkProgress completely lied when reporting on this call, and instead made it sound as if the website had improved from 30% to over 90%:


The author, Igor Volsky has deleted the tweet and corrected the story.

Meanwhile, hardly anyone is reporting the 30% accessibility figure, and focusing only on the November promise:


Nearly a month in and only 30% of users can even apply to Obamacare, but the media barely reports it. A clear example of how the media protects and hides the utter incompetence of this administration.