Will Barack And Michelle Light A Candle For Each One Of These Victims Too?

Today on the anniversary of the Newtown massacre, Obama and Michelle lit 26 candles to maximize politicization of the event, and also to remember the victims. It took them about 2 minutes to do so.

If they decided to do the same for all the victims of abortion in one year, it would take them 53 days of non-stop candle-lighting, or 136 10-hour days.


Here’s the gruesome math:

For 2011, the last year accurate stats are available, there were 1,060,000 abortions in America. That’s 40,769.2 candle-lighting sessions of 2 minutes each, or 81,538.2 minutes. That’s 1,359 hours of straight lighting candles.

If Obama and Michelle worked 10 hours a day (hah!), it would take them 136 days.

This does not include all the golf vacations he would need to actually work.

UPDATE: Apparently there was a moment of silence for the Newtown victims at the White House as well. If there was just one minute of silence for every abortion victim per year, Obama would be silent all day, for more than two years. I’ll leave it to you to do the math.