Can You Count How Many Untruths Chuck Schumer Packed Into His Statement On Immigration?


Sometimes it seems as if liberals are making statements from an alternate universe, but in the race for the award for complete self-delusion, Senator Schumer has an early lead this year on immigration policy.

Can you count how many untruths the good Democrat made in this statement?

“Yes, things have changed. White Anglo-Saxon men are not exclusively running the country anymore. President Obama lost the white male vote 35 to 62 percent yet he recaptured the presidency — by 5 million votes and a resounding electoral college margin.”

“It also explains why so many on the right vehemently opposed the Senate immigration bill, a bill that actually embodies many conservative, non-governmental principals: reducing our deficit by billions, growing our economy, creating jobs and spurring new entrepreneurial activity. In a pre-tea party world, the Senate immigration bill would have been welcomed by House Republicans. However, the tea party rank and file know it’s a different America. It looks different; it prays different; it works different. This is unsettling and angering to some.”

Ah, Senator Schumer how do you lie to me? Let me count the ways:

Obama lost the white vote 39% to 61%, not the percentages that Schumer reported. And far from proving anything about racism on the rise through the Tea Party, the average Democrat performance among whites is 40%. But hey, math is hard for Democrats.

Apparently so is logic and reasoning. In this latest budget bill, Democrats defeated a provision that would have saved $6 billion from fraudulent tax return claims by illegal aliens – and yet we’re to believe they’ll suddenly experience a bout of fiscal responsibility towards immigration?

The majority of illegal aliens in America are from Latin America who seek better jobs from the largest economy in the world. If these immigrants magically create jobs and grow economies, why aren’t their economic superpowers working in their home countries?

While it’s true that immigrants display more entrepreneurial aptitude than native born Americans, it’s also true that immigrants are much more likely to be reliant on welfare than native born Americans, 36% to 23% respectively.

The most dramatically absurd statement is to say a pre-Tea Party GOP would have accepted the pro-amnesty immigration bill. In fact, a very similar bill was floated by John McCain with Democrat support in 2007 and it was obliterated by an vehement uprising of Americans against both parties. So, history is also not a strong suit for Schumer.

Probably the only thing Schumer said rightly was that America “works different” now than it did before Obama, but not in the way he intended. America works more part-time, if at all, under Obama.

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