The Best Tweets From Super Bowl XLVIII

Well it’s over. Even though Superbowl 48 will go down as one of the worst games to watch, there were still plenty of weird, funny, and downright odd happenings, and Twitter, as always, took notice.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the Superbowl. The J.C. Penney account seemed to have been on bathsalts, or synthetic marijuana, or both:

The most iconic image from the game has to be the terrible snap that resulted in a safety being scored in the very first play of the game:

Joe Namath graciously honored the memory of Chris Kyle during the coin toss, but it was his big fur coat that impressed everyone (except PETA):

Darn it. I bet on red Gatorade.

This exchange between Denver Broncos’ defensive end Shaun Phillips and his son was sweet, but sad:

Another outbreak in our perpetual outrage occurred when some were offended that Coke would praise America in other languages:

And two of my popular tweets:

Russell Wilson unashamedly thanked God in this tweet, and on national television right after winning:

Less of a winner: this guy, who unfortunately has to look for tattoo removal services:

Now if you’ll excuse me, my sports bookie needs to take my kneecaps for his personal collection.

Joe Namath Will Honor Fallen Warrior Chris Kyle, ‘America’s Deadliest Sniper’ At Superbowl