Watch Video Of Pro-Amnesty Group Interrupting Congressional Hearing With Chant Of ‘Citizenship Now!’

Pro-amnesty groups are getting more and more impatient that their demands aren’t being met, and some are saying that they will start becoming more extreme in how they protest for citizenship for illegals.

One such protest broke out at a congressional hearing today on immigration asylum fraud, when protesters stood up in the audience and chanted, “Citizenship now! Families together!” Notice this demand would not be met by the immigration reform bill currently being considered by legislators, as citizenship would not be granted for the few eligible for it for many years.

Here’s a tweet from ‘Reform Immigration For America’ (a tax-exempt entity, by the way!):

immigration protest

Is that really the best strategy? Americans are decent and forgiving, but you know what we don’t like? Ungrateful people. Citizenship in the greatest country in the world is a profound honor and shouldn’t be handed out just because people are yelling, “citizenship now.”

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