Reverse Knock-Out Game! Oregon Man Praised For Punching A Guy For Good Reason


We’ve seen enough awful stories of the despicable cowards who play the “knockout game” by sneaking up on innocent victims. Here’s a story of the opposite altercation!

An Oregonian father was walking along with his daughters on a Gresham street when he noticed a very suspicious man in a car staring at children at a school bus stop.

Jeremy Clouse said he approached the car and saw that the suspect had his pants down. Clouse confronted the man, but police said the suspect just laughed at him.

“It’s horrible. It’s disgusting. You don’t do that to young children,” Clouse said.

The father responded by punching the man in the face. Police said it “stopped both the giggling and sexual behavior.”

“I hit him twice to try to get him out of the car, but he took off down the street,” Clouse said.  “It hurt bad, but hopefully it hurt him a lot worse.”

Thank God for people like Jeremy Clouse! The comments section of the original report had nothing but praise for him, and neither do we. His closing comments to the reporter made us like him even more:

“Hopefully the police find them before we do,” Clouse said.

We kinda hope he finds the disgusting degenerate first.