Beauty Queen Among Latest Victims of Venezuelan Uprising Against Communist Government

The protests against the socialist Venezuelan government that has engulfed many cities in violence has taken the life of a well-known beauty queen, who suffered a bullet a wound to the head during a demonstration.

Genesis Carmona joined the protest on Wednesday, but was struck down and taken to a hospital where she was declared dead. She was studying tourism and had earlier served as 2013 Miss Turismo for her state of Carabobo.


The protests against the government have come mostly from students, who are fed up with the rampant violence (worse than Iraq per capita), high inflation, product shortages, and oppression of political opponents. The homicide and other violent crime rates skyrocketed after socialist Hugo Chavez took control of the country, and they have not abated under his successor, President Nicolas Maduro. Amazingly, Maduro blamed Spiderman and superhero movies for the high crime rate in his country earlier.

Opposition leader and Harvard trained economist Leopoldo Lopez turned himself in to the authorities, and is under arrest for fomenting the unrest. This has only escalated the violence as protesters clash with regime police in various cities around the capital of Caracas.

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Maduro had won the presidency in an election of April of last year that was mired in accusations of fraud from opponents. He comically claimed that the spirit of Hugo Chavez came to him in the form of a little bird to let him know he approved of his presidency, and later ordered various electronics stores to be opened to looting from the common Venezuelan in order to shore up his popularity.

The White House has denied Maduro’s accusation that the United States is behind the protests, but has not shown any support for the uprising either. Our official policy is that we’re “concerned” about the violence.

Apparently, unless being “on the side of history” involves thwarting the will of the American voter on the definition of marriage, Obama can only cower in fear of making the wrong decision on world affairs, much like he did during the Egyptian coup.

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