You Won’t Believe Video Of University Lecturer Propagandizing Students On Racist ‘White Rage’ 2010 Election

University campuses are the perfect incubator for liberalism anyway, but that’s not enough for the left, sometimes they really need to hammer into America’s youth their apologetically extremist propaganda.

The video above was captured by a student who started recording after the lecturer attributed Wisconsin Governor Walker victory on white voter racism:

A guest lecturer in a freshman general education course at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW) opened class Tuesday by attacking Governor Scott Walker (R) and blaming the results of the 2010 election on “white rage.”

“The context of 2010 was, white rage. To be honest with you. White people having to pay for health care for blacks and browns and gays,” said Eyon Biddle, Sr., the current political and organizing director for SEIU Local 150, in a video obtained by Campus Reform.

He does actually say, “It’s not a democrat or republican thing” but nearly all of his criticism lays blame on conservatives.

“Things that polarize people….those deep American values of division, racism, sexism, classism. And all the while, rich folks, predominantly white, are making money off of us.”

That’s the kind of propaganda that your tax dollars are subsidizing, which is a real shame, because anyone can get this sacred learning for free by watching MSNBC or CNN or even broadcast television.