Hey Remember When That Crazy VP Candidate Lady Said Putin Would Invade Ukraine If Obama Was Elected?

It really is amazing how the media is able to paint conservatives as crazy weirdos over and over. One of the most skillful political smears from the media was making Sarah Palin seem insane and stupid.

Just like Mitt Romney was mocked for his “Cold War” mentality when he warned about Russian aggression, Sarah Palin was ridiculed for similar warnings she made four years earlier:


What an idiot right? The unholy powers of deception of the hordes of smirking news reporters made sure everyone thought Sarah Palin said, “I can see Russia from my house,” while praising the “Russian Reset” policy of Hillary Clinton, which has now resulted in Putin seizing Ukraine and attempting to re-organize the Soviet Union.

You don’t even have to like Sarah Palin to understand the breathtaking dishonesty and hypocrisy from the news media and liberals who attacked her.

Meanwhile, Democrats are still drooling over the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 with the thinnest of resumes. And why not? Democracy under liberals is just a popularity contest – no experience or competence is needed to run America into the ground.

These are the spoils of a weak president drawing down American power and presence in the world. And it’s just beginning.

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