Here Are Some Tweets From The 2012 Election That Will Embarrass A Lot Of Liberals


One of the worst things about being a conservative is that when you’re right no one apologizes to you for it – you have to beat people over the head to remind them that your predictions became true.

So let’s do a little of that now that Putin has disdainfully spit on Hillary Clinton’s “Russian Reset” policy and taken advantage of Obama’s naive and incompetent foreign policy that had American power recede from the global stage:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 094

New glorious age of Soviet expansion and American compliance, comrade! The editor of this left-wing rag is Katrina vandenHeuvel who had lots of hilarious things to say about Mitt Romney’s dumb Cold War mindset:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 105

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 096

Because the middle class is doing so wonderfully under Obama and Putin now, right? Now take a look at this headline from John McCain in 2008:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 111

And I already posted about this from Sarah Palin:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 001

Here’s another from Al Gore’s 2000 campaign manager, and DNC vice chairperson:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 109

David Roberts is a liberal journalist who mostly whines about global warming, but took some time off to sound stupid about foreign policy here – apparently Ukrainians are also “damaged people” looking for enemies.

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 116

About the only good thing Arianna gave the world was Andrew Breitbart – here she makes a witless prediction:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 098

And of course there’s the “Obama for America” campaign account that quoted the producer for the Rachel Maddow show, Steve Benen:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 100

So where did they get this talking point that Republicans are crazy “Cold Warriors”? Two years ago, nearly to the day of the Russian invasion, the Russian president at the time Dmitry Medvedev actually said Mitt Romney was stuck in a Cold War mentality – guess which political party took up the shovel-ready propaganda from those benevolent Ruskies?

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 106

More evidence that “the Democrats” aren’t in any plane of reality the rest of us live in:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 101

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 114

Wondering why Putin doesn’t take us seriously? Here’s a hint from the presumed Democrat presidential candidate for 2016 that all the liberals are fawning over:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 091

But of course, the best, most embarrassing tweet comes from no one other than our imperial president himself:

Romney-RUssia-Tweets 113

This was from the debate, and you can see Mitt Romney’s response where he doesn’t back down here.

Looking at these tweets, you’d almost think the Russians had been planning this expansion of their sphere of influence for years, subtly infecting the West with propaganda that weakened America’s standing in the world, with the complicity of a “useful idiot” media and Democrat party. If only someone had told us all this during the last election!

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