Watch Cory Booker Claim He ‘Drove To Hawaii’ As A Teenager During Climate Talkathon


I actually subjected myself to watching the snore-a-thon last night where Democrats in the Senate incredulously spoke at each other demanding that someone, somewhere, with maybe some legislative power, do something, anything, about the fantasy of climate change. Yes, legislators were demanding of themselves that they do something. Democrats who control the Senate, by the way.

While you try to wrap your mind around that self-absorbed bit of self-serving political theater, take a break and enjoy this clip where Cory Booker actually begins to muse nostalgically about first getting his driver’s license as a teen in New Jersey. His eyes turn misty as he remembers the “only trip” he ever took was to drive to Hawaii, and it was a beautiful – wait, what?!

Listen, I’m no Christopher Columbus, but I’m pretty sure even Magellan couldn’t traipse his way from Jersey to the island paradise of Hawaii in a car. Mostly because he probably couldn’t drive a car, but also because there’s more than 2,000 miles of ocean between Hawaii and the U.S. mainland!

Amazingly, it takes another Senator to correct him, but Booker just goes on without any reasonable explanation as to just what the Obama he was talking about. Did he confuse Hawaii for Pennsylvania? Did he get a pilot’s license at seventeen? Truly global warming is a terrible thing to have heated up his brain matter so much as to make it inoperable.

We hope Senator Booker either recovers quickly or gets the medical help he needs so desperately.