Watch Hillary Clinton Praise ‘Incredibly Brave’ Illegal Immigrant For Admitting Her Status

While speaking at a “Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation” event in Manhattan, Hillary Clinton praised a nineteen year old illegal immigrant for “coming out of the shadows” and announcing her immigration status before the very supportive crowd. Even though Hillary admits that there’s already a program to legalize immigrants in her position, she uses the occasion to push for “comprehensive immigration reform” for the approximately 11 million illegals currently in the country.

The tired old narrative is trotted out that everyone’s lives will improve if there are suddenly 11 million more people competing for the same dwindling pool of jobs at the bottom. Hillary doesn’t quite get the chance to admit that normalizing illegal immigrants almost certainly means Democrats will have a stranglehold over elections and permanently shut out Republicans from power. I’m sure that was just an oversight on her part.