Another Obamacare State Exchange is About to Bite the Dust!


Well that didn’t take long. It’s almost like Obamacare state exchanges are dropping like flies, and there’s one more that might become a “stumbling block” on the road to Glitchcare’s implementation.

From the Associated Press:

The chief executive of Hawaii’s largest health insurance company is calling on Hawaii to shut down its beleaguered health insurance exchange, which was set up as part of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

 Michael Gold, president and CEO of Hawaii Medical Services Association, says the state shouldn’t keep spending money on the Hawaii Health Connector, a system that he says is financially unsustainable and does not work.

 …Hawaii should ask the federal government for an exception to the part of the Affordable Care Act that requires states to set up and run their own insurance exchanges, Gold said. He thinks businesses should buy approved plans directly from insurance companies, as they have done in the past. Individuals would do the same, or the federal government could take over that part of the exchange, he said.

So if Gold’s suggestion is followed and Hawaii’s exchange is scrapped, it’ll follow in the find tradition set by Oregon (which cost $248 million), Massachusetts ($100 million), and Maryland (another $200 million!). And all it cost the American taxpayer is $11,000 for each person – it cost $100 million to sign up only 9,217 Hawaiians. If it spends all the federal money allocated, it will cost twice as much.

So, great job, Obamacare!

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