VIDEO: Someone Actually Made A YouTube Video Apologizing For All Straight White Males. No Seriously.


A YouTube user has made a ridiculous video apologizing for straight, white males, and how they can’t understand the trials of their non-white, non-straight, otherwise-gendered counterparts. Whenever someone talks about “white male privilege,” it’s really just advocating for a liberal worldview where policies are approved out of shame and guilt instead of whether they actually work or are good for people.

Here’s how the privileged white people at Huffington Post described it:

The white guys generously concede that any accusations against “the gay mafia” for taking down Alec Baldwin, the man-hating courts for privileging mothers and “affirmative action” for blocking their access colleges are just their “way of processing this whole inequality concept.”


And as for that slack they think they deserve? Upon further assessment: “Actually don’t cut us any slack. We don’t deserve it.” 

Luckily, it seems this hand wringing white male guilt is usually limited to whiny liberals in urban centers. Let’s keep it that way, America.

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