After Declaring the Tea Party is Dead Many Times Over, Liberals Scramble to Anti-Semitism as Explanation for Shocking Eric Cantor Defeat


Among all the explanations for why House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was so easily defeated by an Economics professor with as little money as he has political experience, the most ridiculous is that from the left attempting to blame antisemitism. Yes, really.

Never mind that Virginians elected Jewish Cantor seven times before this, and didn’t seem to mind that he was Jewish. No, it must be some kind of bigotry because peevish, tiny liberal lizard-brains can’t possibly conceive of any other explanation for election results! Twitchy found many tweets implying the surprise bigotry:

This guy can barely hold himself back!

Great political analysis from the pea-brained left! I guess everyone in his district suddenly discovered he was Jewish in time for this election just like when America suddenly discovered Obama was black after we elected him and became raging racists!

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