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CNN on Stranded Americans in Iraq: Contractors Evacuating, Embassy Diplomats and Staff to Stay Put

CNN is reporting that contractors are being evacuated from Iraq by their companies, but the State Department is not yet ordering any “staff changes” for diplomats at embassies caught in the fray.

The Obama administration has been caught by surprise over ISIS seizing so much land in Iraq so quickly, and that’s left many Americans to the mercy of contractors and the Iraq Army when the terrorist come looking for them. There were earlier reports that hundreds were stranded and under siege from ISIS attacks, worrying many that the administration might be facing another Benghazi event.

In the video report above, CNN talks to one contractor who was at Balad Air Force Base, and said that had it not been for local villagers joining the fight with the Iraqi Army against the ISIS terrorists, he might not have made it out alive. This is especially incredible when you consider that the lack of American troops there comes from Obama’s draw down, and promise that Iraw would be stable without our presence there.

If I were a diplomat or staff member there, I wouldn’t have much faith in this administration’s promises of security.

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