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Liberal Journalist Claiming Dick Cheney Only Former VP to Criticize a President is Promptly Spanked by Those With Google Search

Jonathan Alter-ANGRY

Whatever you might think of Dick Cheney’s recent comments against Obama, it’s rather insane to think he’s the only former Vice President to criticize a sitting president, but that’s exactly what exasperated liberal journalist Jonathan Alter sputtered out onto Twitter Tuesday night:

So, whatever fever swamp it is that Alter is tweeting from, apparently it has excellent cable service, wonderful internet service to his Twitter account, but utterly and completely devoid of the simplest Google availability. I say this because it took all of 1.2 seconds for conservatives to find countless examples of one Al Gore ripping on George W. Bush:

Ok, most of these were from me, but you get the point. Here’s an article from Michelle Malkin that really takes the cake – it documents how Al Gore actually went before a Saudi Arabian audience and apologized for George W. Bush and for America for our treatment of Arabs! Not only did he bash a sitting president, but he bashed all of America!

Funny how short memories liberals have. They utterly forget the transgressions of their own when whining and complaining about the very same of conservatives. But they know they can do that because the media won’t throw their hypocrisy back in their face. That’s why we have to do it.

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