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Marvel Comics’ Thor is Now a WOMAN, and We Have An Exclusive Look at the New Mjolnir!


In a sad and desperate attempt to get angry bitter feminists to buy comic books, Marvel Comics decided to make one of their iconic superheroes into a woman.

That’s right, THOR is getting himself a short dress and loopy earrings! Actually I guess it’ll be a woman who picks up the hammer and becomes the Nordic god of thunder, replacing the old man who has become emasculated by his own self-doubt incurred by chronic addiction to ADHD meds and auditory indoctrination via emo rock music. Here’s a pic of the little lady:


Hmm. I dunno, Marvel, I tend to like my women with… eyes. Not grey alien looking hollow black pools of nothingness looking back at me and piercing through my sexist, misogynist soul. Here’s another picture of gyno-Thor:

girl tho

Oh. Well. Eyes are pretty overrated actually. Carry on then, Marvel.

And here is the exclusive first look at the new female-themed Mjolnir!! (Ignore the fact that it’s in the picture above, I’m trying to make a joke here.)


Oh gosh. That’s not funny, Marvel. NOT FUNNY AT ALL. You male patriarchial so-and-so’s should be ashamed of yourselves! Ashamed!


Feel free to tweet this travesty of male hegemonic symbolism.

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