2nd Amendment

Watch Joe Scarborough Say if You Want More Than 10 Bullets in a ‘Clip’ You Want to Shoot U.S. Soldiers

In a diatribe against Christie on his show, Joe Scarborough lit into him for defending his position against limiting the number of bullets a gun magazine can hold. What liberals outlets aren’t reporting is the rather incendiary accusation he makes in the middle of the rant wherein he accuses any person who doesn’t want that limitation to be crazy “survivalists” who want to shoot U.S. soldiers.

Here’s what he said:

“I’m sorry, what deer hunter needs more than ten bullets in a clip? If you need more than ten in a clip, you need more than ten in a clip for one reason: you think the federal goverment’s coming to take your crops, y’know, to take your cows, or whatever and you want more than ten because you want to KILL U.S. SOLDIERS who come to your door. Why don’t we just say you’re a survivalist and that’s just stupid BS.”

First off, I’m not sure he’s qualified to voice an opinion given that he goes on about “clips” when the proposed limitation is on gun magazines – a typical mistake for someone who doesn’t know anything about guns.

Secondly, normal, every day Americans own and enjoy guns, even though obviously Scarborough would like to relegate them to a fringe “survivalist” group.

Finally, it doesn’t matter what intention an American has with their gun – it’s a 2nd Amendment right we have despite our motivation to exercise it. Just like the 1st Amendment protects Joe’s right to sound like an idiot.

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