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Obama Isn’t Perceived as a ‘Racial Crybaby’ Like I AM! – Michael Eric Dyson

If there was no way for me to make fun of the idiotic shenanigans I see on MSNBC, I honestly wouldn’t watch. But thanks to the internet I can cut and paste some of the stupider things I see and post them so that we can all laugh and watch together. Every time Michael Eric Dyson comes on the show, my ears perk up, because he is a veritable fount of liberal stupidity. Here’s the latest:

On Monday, Dyson visited the Ed Show and said that the reason Obama got white people to vote for him is that he wasn’t perceived as a “racial crybaby,” and then he actually admits that his statements are what make him a racial crybaby. It’s pretty hilarious.

I got some bad news for Mike though – they’re BOTH racial crybabies…

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