WATCH Illegal Alien Advocates Who Ambush Rep. Steve King Get Schooled on Immigration Law

Illegal alien advocates Erika Andiola & Cesar Vargas accosted Representative Steve King at a fundraiser in Iowa, and berated him for pushing a law that would take away their “Dream Act” status. Instead of shrinking away, Rep. King patiently explained his point of view, and why people shouldn’t advocate for lawlessness when that’s a feature of American prosperity that they enjoy, but don’t respect.

Here are some of his greatest hits:

“You came from a lawless country. Do not import lawlessless into this country.”

“Do you want to live in a country that respects the rule of law, or don’tcha?”

“I’m really sorry you came from a lawless country. I hope you have a happy life.”

The stunt was obviously an attempt to get him to say something that might be misconstrued as racist, but he stuck to his guns, and forcefully, but rationally, explained why America will be weakened by lawlessness.

Also, don’t miss out on Senator Rand Paul almost choking on his hamburger when he hears the illegal alien say, “I’m actually a Dreamer..” and run off as quickly as possible. Smart guy!