When This Amazing 8 Year Old Girl Heard An Iraqi Vet Needed Help, She Started a Lemonade Stand

One special little girl made an Iraqi War vet tear up with her touching act of selflessness when she heard he needed help to train his dog to become an assistance animal. Nick Bailey served two tours in Iraq and suffers from spinal injuries and PTSD as a result from a rocket bomb attack.

Watch below:

From WCSC:

“For me, it’s just amazing that an 8-year-old girl would show any interest in me or my dog,” Bailey said.

Because of post traumatic stress from his military service, Bailey finds it hard to go out in public alone, and also suffers with mobility issues.

After he, and wife Vanessa noticed a strong connection between Nicholas and their pet German Shepherd, rather than take a government-issued service dog, the couple decided to train their dog Abel.

“In the middle of the night when Nick is having a nightmare, he wakes Nick up by licking his hand,” Vanessa said.

“It’s like he could feel the pain coming from Nick.”

The Bailey’s were confident Abel was the right dog for the job, until an accident on a shopping trip set them back even more.

The couple says a box fell from a shelf, hitting Abel. Though visibly shaken, the two were confident he would bounce back.

He hasn’t.


bailey nick

“We didn’t notice a lot of the things a professional trainer notices, where he was actually hesitant, when he was going into stores.”

Now, Nicholas and Vanessa are working to enroll him in a Myrtle Beach training school, Canine Angels, a program designed to help dogs like Abel overcome fear, also fine-tuning other skills needed to act as a complete service dog.

The cost of that training is nearly $6000.

That’s when Rachel Mennett found out about the Bailey’s inability to get assistance from veteran’s groups, and the eight-year-old did something about it. Her lemonade stand and her brother’s bake sale are now raising money to help Nick Bailey and his dog.

What a wonderful bunch of kids.

If you’d like to help Nick Bailey, they have a GoFundMe donation site to assist their training of their dog Abel. [And keep an eye out for a Molon Labe insignia during the video news report!]

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