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Chris Matthews: Dick Cheney Created al-Qaeda and ISIS When He Took Over the HOLY LAND!!

Yeah Chris Matthews is losing it. Here he’s either somehow calling Iraq “the Holy Land,” or he’s claiming Dick Chaney invaded Jerusalem. And he created ISIS and al-Qaeda. Did he write the Koran or something? Anyway watch the idiocy below:

Not only is Iraq not considered a Holy Land by Muslims (Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem are), but he has to really believe that the only thing that radicalizes Muslims is Dick Cheney. It’s a simplistic view that no doubt brings comfort to liberals denying Obama’s failures, but it’s just not borne out by facts or history.

Also keep in mind Chrissy said earlier today that ISIS will “never be eradicated.” So Dick Cheney created them but they’ll forever be a thorn in the side of America?

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