This Obnoxious Video About Ferguson Was Made to Sell T-Shirts and Blacks Are REALLY Angry About it

Ok sit back and read a great story about race-baiters hating other race-baiters about their race-baiting for money. Trust me, if you enjoy it as much as I do, it’ll be worth it.

SO there’s this really obnoxious video someone made reportedly with kids from Ferguson that includes all the stupid, vapid, white guilt narratives you’ll hear from race-baiting liberals trying to entrench blacks into the leftist victim mentality. But they make it even more obvious that they’re profiting off of it than they should have.

Watch as much as you can of this mind-numbing tripe:

Yeah, white people. HATE YOURSELVES and BUY THIS T-SHIRT!! By the way, don’t hate yourselves, but buy MY t-shirts.

I notice they don’t mention the fact that the vast majority of blacks who are murdered in this country are killed by other blacks, and many many more times than the number that are killed by cops. But that’s none of my business.

Now as soon as you see such crap, if you have at least half a brain cell, you become a little suspicious. Which is what the competing race-baiters at “colorlines” did, and wrote about it:

Towards the end, a white adult and a black adult make nice and encourage viewers to buy a FCKH8.com T-shirt. Five dollars from each shirt will supposedly go to unidentified “charities working in communities to fight racism.” Which charities? Who knows! What communities? Can’t tell you.*

The people at FCKH8 then contacted the angry people at colorlines and said, “hey, actually, we’re giving a bunch of money to the people that OWN you, so we’re all cool, right?! right?!”

FCKH8.com issued a press release Tuesday indicating that Race Forward, which is Colorlines’ publisher, along with a few other organizations, would be receiving funds garnered through T-shirt sales. Race Forward has publicly responded

Except the “Race Forward” folks told them to politely screw off and they won’t be accepting any money. SO that’s awkward:

race forward

Wow. They won’t even take money from their fellow race-baiting profiteers! I don’t think this will deter Mike Kon and his company from making as much money as they can from the death of Mike Brown. Especially when their video is so brilliant – it makes white people who are already feeling guilty about their white privilege feel even MORE guilty, and then gives them a cheap and easy way to prove they’re apologetic – just buy a shirt!

If only conservatives were as good at monetizing political guilt.

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