WOW! Chris Matthews ADMITS Rush Limbaugh is RIGHT about Dems’ plan to LIE about Immigration enforcement!


This seems like a big deal. Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh have been saying for a long time that we don’t trust Democrats on immigration because they’ll simply betray their promises, find a loophole to not enforce the law, and allow ten million MORE illegal aliens while padding their voting bloc. While most liberals have been saying we’re peddling conspiracy theories, Chris Matthews actually admitted that it’s all true this morning on the Steve Kornacki show!

Also, anyone notice he used the dreaded racist dysphemism of “illegal people”?!?!

Grab the pitchforks and torches, it’s an old-fashioned vigilante mob! By gar, it’s been a while!

Watch the video at The Right Scoop. Who knew Tingles was a ditto-head? LOL!

SooperPodcast #116!! Seven-Layer Bushmeat Ebola Burritos!!