Chris Matthews SHOCKED to Discover Obama is an Isolated Ideologue Six Years Too Late

Chris Matthews really seems to be unraveling – just a few days ago he admitted that Obama has just been a “good speech-giver” for six years instead of a “real executive-in-chief.” After that he admitted that conservatives were right in fearing that Democrats would find a loophole in any immigration bill to let in 10 million more illegals. Now there’s this:

Whoah whoah whoah, wait, hold on there, Tingles! You’re telling us you’re angry at Obama because he’s a terrible politician and doesn’t know how to compromise? I thought you’ve been telling us for 6 years how it’s Republicans who don’t know how to compromise? And you’re saying Obama seems like he’s only talking to his constituents and pretends no one else exists? Almost as if he’s an ideologue who’ll push his political agenda no matter what?

How weird. If only someone had been saying this for the last six years….

 Republicans PLEASE Demand Democrats Respond to This IDIOTIC Obama Comment!!