Texas School District FIRES Ferguson-Supporting Teacher Over RACIST TWEETS!

Well I did not expect this. English teacher Vinita Hegwood will be fired by the Duncanville School District over some racist tweets she sent out about white people arguing with her on issues surrounding the Ferguson protests.

Here’s a local news report about the scandal:

Last night they posted a quick statement on Twitter and today they made a full statement that Vinita would be put on unpaid leave pending her firing by the Board of Supervisors:

From the press release:

Early this morning district officials met with Ms. Hegwood, the teacher who stated reprehensible
personal opinions on her personal social media account. The district took swift action and exercised the
fullest disciplinary action allowed under district policy. Ms. Hegwood was placed on suspension without
pay pending discharge. Under state law, a school district’s Board of Trustees “fires” staff members, and
the district will pursue that action with the board soon. In the meantime, the teacher has been placed
on suspension without pay pending discharge.

The district wants the community to know that the actions of this one individual does not and should
not represent the school district. Every day, two hundred and forty Duncanville High School teachers
provide a school environment that fosters academic excellence, good citizenship and respect for others.
Teachers give their life’s work to shaping the future, and this one individual does not represent our staff
or our district.

Be careful what you tweet, gringos!

UPDATE! Here are MORE controversial tweets of hers that you won’t see ANYWHERE ELSE!!

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