Americans Oppose Executive Action on Immigration, But Obama Is Going to Do It ANYWAY

I honestly didn’t think Obama would do it because I knew Americans were mostly against immigration reform by executive action, but it looks like it’s gonna happen anyway. From MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

By the way that’s not a majority, Andrea, that’s a plurality, estuped. Anyway… it looks like his executive order will extend amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens. He can’t grant them citizenship but he can just ignore the law and not prosecute them for being here illegally. So what will happen then?

  1. Wages for poor and poorly educated Americans will drop as they compete with newly legalized immigrants.
  2. Newly legalized immigrants will have to be paid the minimum wage which means other illegals will flood in to take the jobs they’re leaving.
  3. In a few years, they’ll start demanding full citizenship, because now they’re “second class citizens.”
  4. Not all, but many newly legalized immigrants will probably be eligible for more welfare, taxing the social safety net.
  5. Meanwhile, illegal alien advocates are still pushing for no deportations AT ALL.

But the biggest change is just how the executive branch can just ignore the law. This completely changes the government. Gabriel Malor and Charles C.W. Cooke debate that issue here very well.

It’s not hard to see that Thomas Sowell was right – this Republic will not survive Obama’s second term. The American experiment is over, it’s just gonna take a decade to play itself out.

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