Russell Brand Gives a Lesson in ‘How to Debate Immigration Without Knowing ANY FACTS About Immigration’

I’m not sure if Russell Brand’s idiotic hippie socialism should be just ignored or debated and humiliated. The problem with Brand is that his pothead loser followers cheer his nonsense on regardless of whether he’s being embarrassed with facts and logic.

Case in point, here’s a clip from a debate between the idiot and Nigel Farage, the leader of the UKIP party which has been often compared to the English version of the Tea Party.

Watch below:

Notice how Farage talks about actual STATISTICS and FACTS, then on top of that he adds logic and reasoning to draw conclusions that should persuade a rational crowd to accept his conclusions. Brand petulantly whines about bankers and politicians and barely even mentions immigration. You could literally substitute any other word or issue for “immigrants” in his statements, and they wouldn’t lose the intent of his meaning, because the issue is inconsequential. And then he tops it with some ad hominems.

And yet you see the audience loves him, because the mob is always ready to listen to easy answers instead of the guy telling them that there are drawbacks and hard decisions to be made.

That’s how you debate an issue without knowing anything about that issue, and if your audience is stacked full of filthy potheads they’ll clap adoringly like brain-dead seals.

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