‘Follow Direction of Black Leadership’ – Guidelines for White People at Ferguson Protest are AMAZING

Apparently black people protesting Ferguson believe that one of the ways to stop racism is to have racially-based guidelines for white people so that they know their place, which I dunno, sounds kinda racisty? Here are the guidelines for the white racist oppressor from an attendee of a Boston protest meeting:

UPDATE: Some browsers aren’t loading up the image, so here it is:

white people at ferguson protests-01

I think they ran out of space for “only speak to your black masters when spoken to, crackas!” I love how whites are not allowed to speak to media, must refer media to black leadership and stay off the megaphone! The megaphone is reserved for non-whites ONLY!!!

Oh wait there’s more!

Here’s the image from this tweet:

white people at ferguson protests-02

Ok white people, while black leadership is on the segregated megaphone and talking to media, you need to be completely nonviolent while being just as violent as the cops may become. SO y’know, shoot tear gas at them, use batons, maybe even arrest a few.

And for Farrakhan’s sake, don’t you dare “speak for black people” while your black masters are accusing all whites of racism, you oppressive crackas!

You can slap these under “racial equality” in Barack Obama’s revised dictionary for the modern American.

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