Ukrainian Immigrant’s Business ATTACKED on Facebook Because She Refused to Plan a Wedding for Lesbians

The gay mafia has found another Christian target to attack for the unforgivable sin of having faith and not wanting to approve of gay marriage. Lana Rusev is a Ukrainian immigrant who began a wedding planning business but when she denied her services to a lesbian couple because of her Christians beliefs, rabid gay advocates derided her for exercising her freedom of religion.

Watch below:

Here’s her post from her Facebook page for the wedding planning business:

For those who watched my interview with First Coast News I would like to fill you in on ALL of what I stated, not just the three lines they edited. It seemed like the media intended to tear us apart instead of bringing peace.

“Because of my strong personal belief I don’t feel comfortable being involved and planning a wedding for same sex couples.

With all due respect, I absolutely have nothing against these individuals. You have the right to live your lives as you please, But So Do I!

Planning a wedding for couples is very personal to me. Its not a product that I sell over the counter, its a service that i provide with a passion.

I am not afraid to stand for what I believe. I will continue to stand my ground and not be bullied. Our Facebook has been swarmed by discriminating comments and negative reviews.

26 years ago my family and I fled a country that persecuted Christians for their belief. It’s really sad to see American becoming more and more like theses countries that so many of us once fled.”

Remember how Christians are constitutionally bound to bake cakes for gays’ weddings? It looks like we’re going to be forced to plan their weddings too. Dammit!

Also did anyone else notice her name matches two characters from the wild wild world of professional wresting?


Coincidence? I think HOT… I mean “not,” sorry… ahem, typo.

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