Muslim Attack in The Philippines Claims 49 Police Lives

Thank goodness that Obama declared that the “shadow of crisis has passed” in his irrational State of the Union address, because ISIS continues to make inroads into Syria, Yemen to falling under Iran-backed terrorists, and Boko Haram is slaughtering North Africans, but the crisis has passed. Oh also there are Muslim separatists in the Philippines who killed 49 cops.

From Reuters:

An 11-hour gun battle broke out after police entered the remote town of Mamasapano, held by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) without coordinating with the rebels as required under their ceasefire agreement.

The bodies of 49 police have been recovered from the town on Mindanao island and moved to an army camp, regional police spokeswoman Judith Ambong told AFP.

She did not say whether any MILF members were killed.

Police had been targeting two high-profile terror suspects in the operation.

It appears that all these non-Islam inspired Muslims are trying to out-slaughter each other, but at least we can be assured in the fact that Islam is a religion of peace and Christianity is way worse, like insanely worse.

Oh by the way, remember the Democrat Leland Yee who was arrested for illegal arms trafficking after advocating for gun control? Yeah he was trying to sell arms to these same Muslim extremists in the Philippines.

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