Lyin’ Brian Williams Slapped on The Wrist, Only Suspended For 6 Months Without Pay

Well there it is. Brian Williams lies to America and insults the military and this is all he gets:

From the New York Times:

Brian Williams, the embattled NBC news anchor whose credibility plummeted after he acknowledged exaggerating his role in a helicopter incident in Iraq, was suspended for six months without pay, the network said Tuesday night.

Lester Holt will continue to substitute for Mr. Williams now, but finding a permanent successor will be a major problem for the network, which was not anticipating having to replace the anchor of its “Nightly News’’ broadcast for some time. In December, Mr. Williams signed a new five-year contract reported to be worth $10 million a year.

That’s a slap on the wrist if I’ve ever seen one. So Williams will lose $5 million for lying, but he gets to keep his job. Well, NBC Nightly News, I know you’re reading this, and I think there’s only one option to regain your credibility: