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Someone Needs to Tell Creepy Joe Biden to Stop Touching Women…

You would think that all those liberal feminists would kinda freak out over the many, many, MANY times that creepy Joe Biden has acted weird around women, but you would be wrong! Because all they care about is power, not really moral consistency, they look the other way when creepy uncle Joe does stuff like this:

Gahhh! What the hell is that old freak doing?! This was at the swearing in ceremony for the new Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, and that’s his poor wife Stephanie cringing at the cold clammy touch of his hands on her shoulders and his acrid breath burning the skin from her ears.

That’s old creepy Joe! And feminists love it.


Twitter dude @Jesse_sDad reminds me that Biden doesn’t limit his creepy activities to women….


And there’s this…

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