‘This Is CRAP!’ – Hugh Hewitt Destroys ‘Mother Jones’ David Corn in Debate About O’Reilly Story

Conservative Hugh Hewitt is one of the best interviewers out there, and his radio fight with liberal David Corn on his attacks on Bill O’Reilly is another great feather in his cap.

It’s a long one at 47 mins, but it’s worthwhile, listen below:

This is a great study in how to interview someone in order to build an argument. It’s amazing how angry and bitter David Corn gets under very simple questioning by Hewitt.

Before getting to the main argument, Hugh Hewitt establishes how Corn is either historically ignorant, or sympathetic to communists because Alger Hiss was established to be a Soviet spy and Corn is unable to respond whether he was or not. Amazingly, many of Hewitt’s liberal guests fail this test, and Corn’s refusal to answer and his weird anger at being asked is just another example.

Hewitt simply tries to establish details of Corn’s own resume from 30 years ago that he might not have remembered to compare to Bill O’Reilly’s admissions. He gets pretty angry about that.

He tries to account for why Corn might be motivated to strike against Fox News and have some bias attached to his actions smearing O’Reilly.

Hewitt also tries to establish how David Corn defines the words “combat,” “protest,” and “riot,” in order to show how one might be confused with another, or there might be a spectrum of hostilities.

David Corn childishly refuses to answer very simple questions and calls Hewitt’s questioning “word games,” showing just how weak his reporting must be.

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