Why Giuliani is Right That Darren Wilson Should Be Commended

Rudy Giuliani has been excoriated lately in the media for saying that Darren Wilson should be commended for shooting Mike Brown. Many of these critics I’ve seen have centered around the rather insipid reasoning that no one should be commended when a person is killed.

Here’s why that’s wrong.

Because it’s stupid. I’ll elaborate. The principle is simply not one that our society has ever applied. There are all sorts of situations where we commend, applaud and praise those who take actions that might cause the death of someone else. How about when someone kills in self-defense or in defense other innocents? One of our nation’s highest commendation, the Medal of Honor, is often awarded to those who are engaged in battle and kill others.

Now in the case of Mike Brown, the critics of Giuliani depend on this flawed principle without any explanation. The strongest case that can be made on their side that Guiliani’s comments were impolite for people who are lionizing Mike Brown. But those people are morons. Even Eric Holder admits in his report that there was no evidence that Darren Wilson was animated by racism, nor that his shooting if Mike Brown was not justified.

So these are the facts – Mike Brown robbed a store, attacked a police man and tried to steal his gun. Darren Wilson shot him in a legally justified act. It makes no difference whether someone died to the opinion that Wilson should be commended.

Darren Wilson is paying the price for having a large community think he’s a racist demon – he’s lost his job, had death threats made against him, and will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. And that’s partly because of people who use poorly invented reasoning to justify their political agenda and irrational emotions.

Those that myopically depend on such a faulty principle to criticize Giuliani betray their intellectual poverty. Pendejos.

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