Cop shooting suspect Jeffrey Williams Was ‘Friend’ on Facebook of Mike Brown’s Fellow Robber Dorian Johnson

Jeff loc williams-2

Ferguson protest defenders are absolutely sure that the suspect captured in the shooting of two cops was not a protester despite the mounting evidence he was:

I first broke the story that he specifically said on Facebook that he was going to go looting with the Ferguson protesters, and others have noted that he was Facebook “friends” with Dorian Johnson, the guy who was with Mike Brown when he robbed the convenience store and was shot down:

Apparently he’s also friends with Piaget Crenshaw, another witness to the Mike Brown shooting:

Very early on she was spreading the lie about Mike Brown having his hands up before being shot (this is from a few days after the shooting):

Witnesses to the shooting identified the victim as Michael Brown, 18. They say he was walking in the middle of a street with a friend, Dorin Johnson, when a Ferguson officer drove up and ordered them to the sidewalk.  Johnson said they told him they were a minute away from their destination and then they would be out of the street. After a verbal confrontation, witness Piaget Crenshaw said the officer got out of his car and fired a shot.  Both teens ran, she said, and another shot was fired.  Johnson hid behind a car, but said his friend stopped after a second shot was fired at him.  Crenshaw and Johnson say the teen held up his hands to show he did not have a weapon, however the officer fired at him two more times and he collapsed and died in the street.

So we’re supposed to believe he was friends with both of these people before the shooting coincidentally and didn’t care about Ferguson? And if he became friends with them after the shooting, it had nothing to do with Mike Brown’s death? You’d have to be a Ferguson supporter to believe all that.

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