Caught on Video: White Man BEATEN by Black Guy Because He Wouldn’t Talk About Mike Brown

A beating was caught on video of a white man who simply refused to talk about the police killing of Mike Brown, and it shows a trainload of people just watching, some laughing while a black mean pummels the victim.

Here’s the report from USA Today – notice the title doesn’t mention Mike Brown:

And here’s the full video on Facebook:

They straight trippin Cuhh ..

Posted by Twan Davis on Thursday, March 26, 2015

What a bunch of despicable cowards. They look like they’re made of the same kind of thug that Brown was. You’ll notice that it appears everyone on the bus is black – the victim says nobody helped him, and in fact many were grinning and laughing.

Who can deny that this was driven by racism? But will the Department of Justice look into how this guy’s civil rights were violated? Yeah right.

beating mike brown

I hope these maggots are caught quickly.

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