BOOM!! Donations to Pizzeria attacked for Christian faith topping $820,000!!!

The left is absolutely losing their minds over the support that many are showing for the pizzeria that was viciously attacked for saying their Christian faith wouldn’t let them cater a gay wedding. Americans started giving generously to a donation page for the pizzeria when they heard that the shop had to shut down after having their website hacked, their Yelp plastered with obscene images, and receiving death and arson threats. We were shocked when it hit $30k in four hours, but after being promoted by Rush Limbaugh earlier today it’s hit $820,000! MEMORIES PIZZA 820khead To the surprise of no one, liberals are freaking OUT over it, even going so far as to accuse the Pizzeria owners of planning the whole thing all along! LOL! Yes keep whining, liberals, we love watching those tears flow!


The campaign finished up with an incredible $842,000 donation total.

Website of Pizzeria Refusing to Cater Gay Weddings HACKED, Replaced With Obscene Images