Media Bias

CNN Tries to Gin Up a Hate Crowd Against Another Family Business, Citing ONLY THREE Tweets

Here’s another attempt by the media to cause a mouth-foaming angry mob to attack a family business that supports Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law. In this video they cite three tweets angry about the political position of the Samson Family Leather business, saying “most” of the opposition comes from social media. But here’s the problem – those are the ONLY tweets that are angry about it.

Here’s the video:

And if you search for “samson family leather” on Twitter, this is literally ALL you get:

That’s it. That’s ALL of it. But if you watch the report it sounds like there’s a whole mob out to get these people. Maybe that’s what they’re hoping for. Here’s a screenshot of the search on Twitter:

samson family leather-1

Now, if you look on the comments of that YouTube video, you’ll find more negative comments. AFTER the report was made. So are they just trying to start another mob here?

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