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Feminist Calls Critique ‘Hate Video,’ Demands Google Stop Showing it in Search Results

If you haven’t been embroiled in the “Gamer Gate” debacle where feminist social justice warriors go on the attack against video game “misogyny,” consider yourself lucky. One of the chick generals in the war is Anita Sarkeesian, who produced a bunch of videos detailing what she considers sexism in video games. When it comes to facing criticism herself, however, she’s less than open to dissenting voices:

The “random YouTube hate video” is a long screed from a YouTube blogger detailing how she got a crapload of donations from her gynofascist supporters, but then failed to produce the videos she said she would use the money for.

This was his response:

Of course the entire world should change to fit feminists’ fascist demands. They despise nature and reality itself, why not believe that Google should bend to their demands?

BOOM!! Donations to Pizzeria attacked for Christian faith topping $820,000!!!