CAUGHT ON-AIR: Baltimore protesters INJURE officer, has to be CARRIED AWAY

Things are heating up again in Baltimore and it looks like the police are taking the brunt of it. On MSNBC a copter camera caught a policeman being carried away after being injured in an altercation with protesters who were previously throwing rocks and bottles at police.

Here’s a short vine of him being carried away:

I posted a longer video on the Right Scoop here.

This was what they were dealing with before a policeman got injured:

A reporter on the scene caught this picture:

And Baltimore PD says more than one police officer has been injured:

Like I said on Twitter, the Mayor said she ordered police on the streets without riot gear because she didn’t want them to cause a riot. Well, it’s happened anyway, and now police are getting injured. That’s on her head, especially after saying they were “giving space” to people who wanted to destroy.

Welcome to ObamaLand! Enjoy your stay if you survive it.

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