Un-Effing-Believable! Pakistanis Protest Against Killing of Terrorists Trying to MURDER Americans in Texas!

It’s a travesty that so many Americans are blaming Pamela Geller for the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, but the response from Pakistani Muslims is unbelievable. It appears that they’re mourning the loss of their “heroes” who tried to murder Americans in the name of Allah.

Watch below:

We’ve been told over and over how “peaceful” Muslims are and that Islam is the “religion of peace,” but if that’s so then why do they approve wholeheartedly of the attack over cartoons?! Pakistanis actually want us to just hand over anyone who would “slander” their prophet so that they can execute them.

From Reuters:

At least 150 people gathered here Tuesday and offered prayers for two men identified as the attackers who opened fire at a Texas event featuring caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

A local cleric, Pir Mohammad Chishti, head ‎of a madrassa in Peshawar, organized the funeral in absentia. He and other men, through loudspeakers installed on vehicles, called for people to come out of their homes and pay respects to the men, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, whom he called “martyrs of Islam.”

“Come forward and prove your love and loyalty with Islam and our beloved Prophet Mohammad,” the cleric told people.

By noon, ‎150 to 200 people had gathered.

Chishti said he was proud of the bravery of the two‎ men. “The two martyrs proved their love and loyalty with Islam. They are the real heroes of Islam, and we must be proud on their courage,” the cleric told attendees.

After the funeral, he led a walk and chanted slogans against the U.S. and other Western countries for what he said was “desecrating Islam and Islamic heroes.
I wouldn’t have been surprised if our “tolerant” liberals had been there marching with them, demanding that Pamela Geller be beheaded for offending them.
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