Laugh At These Racists Who Are Bitterly Angry At ‘White Appreciation Day’ at Hispanic Business!

If you haven’t seen it yet, a Hispanic-owned business is having a “White Appreciation Day” and will give all gringos a 10% discount for the day!

Watch below:

As you can imagine, liberals and other morons are freaking out online:


“Or something”? DJ Easy is too lazy to even specify what he hopes happens to the restaurant! LOL!

This is usually from people who don’t actually help poor people themselves but demand others do it.

What the hell is this idiot talking about?! LOL! I hasten to add that many of those border patrol officers are Hispanic, but this moron probably doesn’t do well with facts.

Holy crap! Doesn’t he know that he can only think with his skin color?!? We can’t use our brains, we’re liberals dammit!!

While this is true, it isn’t white people’s fault they made most of the history. Well, I guess it is their fault, but still, shut your stupid face, Bubsy Bones.

I wasn’t aware that black activists stopped whining about racism at the end of February. I’ll let Baltimore know that.

Yes, actually, it’s widely reported, you idiot. I guess white people should be offended a Hispanic person would do that?

This genius has “prefect” spelling, let’s listen to him for everything racism-related.


And then of course, there are the Rubbin Buttz TRUTHERS who just know it’s a big scam!

And there are about a million tweets of morons who think they’re being original by saying, “isn’t every day white appreciation day?!?!” Yeah, that was old when Carlos Mencia first stole that joke a decade ago.

I do think that we don’t really need a “White Appreciation Month” because most of Western Civilization history is from the gringo. But who cares? I like this guy just because he’s annoying all the liberals. Besides, the jokes on him – he doesn’t know gringos give each other secret discounts all-year around. Yes, I found out, don’t act like it ain’t true.

[h/t right scooooop]
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