If You’re Asking If GOP Amtrak Fund Cuts Led To Derailment, John Boehner Has Your Answer

There’s not a lot that commends John Boehner to being honored among conservatives but I have to say that this response to liberals is awesome. Some are pushing conspiracy theories about the Republicans cuts to Amtrak funding having been the cause of the awful, fatal derailment this week.

Here’s the Orange Avenger:

“Are you really gonna ask such a STUPID question?!”

BOOM! It is remarkable how soon after the crash happened that liberals immediately started blaming Republicans for the crash. That’s because in their twisted little worldview, the government can do no wrong, so if the government screws up, it must have been the evil Republicans who made it screw up! Basically, if you’re a government entity and kill eight people, then liberals will make sure you get more billions from the taxpayer. I wish I had that deal! How much money will they give me if I promise to kill much fewer than eight people?

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